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DEATHTRIP are a band that are as handsome as they are muscular.

Being immortal superbeings, the band were poised to release the greatest metal album in history, however, an unfortunate accident left the only copy of said album destroyed and the band with severe brain damage, resulting in the horrors seen before you today.

Gaining positive reviews for their intense and unbelievably sexual live performances in 2012, the band are now set to release their first full length album – RUINOUS – due for release at the end of october 2012, prepare to be ruined!!! (Or something equally witty relating to the band/album title).

Vocals : Jason Fisher
Guitar : Chris Gough
Guitar : Matt Gornall
Bass : Mike Waugh
Drums : James Leckey

Genre : Death/Thrash/Metal
Hometown : Preston, UK

· EMAIL    :    [email protected]
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· FACEBOOK    :    deathtripuk
· YOUTUBE    :    DEATHTRIPmetaluk
· BANDCAMP    :    deathtripmetaluk